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 Xrealm Combat Rogue 
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Post Xrealm Combat Rogue
Character Information

Character Name: Bloodglaive (changes after migration if accepted)
Current Realm: Bronze Dragonflight

Class: Rogue
Race: Undead

Armory or other profiler Link: ... loodglaive

Professions: Engineering/Mining
Talent Spec: Combat 20/51/0
Secondary Talent Spec of choice for Dual Spec:
Mutilate 44/2/25, can change if needed for PvE, although I do not have the required gear yet for Assassin PvE.

Personal Information

Age: 20
Nationality: Belgian

Location: Overijse
Time Zone: GMT

Playschedule availability: 17:00-01:00 every day, weekends can extend from 10:00-03:00

Should my application be accepted, please contact me this way:
- E-mail
- Ingame
Either of these 2 would be nice.

Question & Answer

About your application

Q: Why did you apply to Imbalanced?
A: I'm searching for a guild with progression and highly skilled players that strife for rankings rather than waiting for buffs to hear "omg yes guys oneshotted!". I went trough WoWProgress trying to find an English guild, and Imbalanced was one of the few that jumped out inmediatly, since most others are French, German or any other language.

Q: What do you expect from Imbalanced?
A: I expect a good raiding environment with a strict raiding schedule. A good community and communication to conquor all challenges laying in front of us.

Q: Why Imbalanced should take you as member?
A: Because I know my class very well, I know how to handle situations and react fast, I'm not the guy that inspects the floor 50% of the fight. I'm also a good learner, it's not that I'd make a mistake twice in a row. I also gather information on any encounter possible to be as prepared as I can, which I expect from every member aswel ofcourse. (This is normal to me, but some guilds just don't feel like doing research, makes me feel like a casual then, wiping 10x on an easy encounter).

Q: Do you know anyone in Imbalanced able to guarantee and backup your application? If yes, who?
A: Unfortunatly not, since I'm from a different realm.

Q: Did you read and did you understand our Application FAQ? If the answer is "No", you want to do it now and then write "Yes".

Yes, I do understand and I fully agree with them.

Please actually do read the FAQ, we don't react well when we're asked questions already answered there about 20 minutes after you submit your application.

A: I have read them, don't worry, I have patience and I find out things myself, I don't wanna be a pest to you, wouldn't make my app easier.

Q: Where did you see our recruitment post bringing you to submit this application?
A: WoWProgress

About you and your raiding experience and expertise

Q: What's your experience in PvE and high-end Raiding in World of Warcraft?
A: -Vanilla: None
-TBC: Karazhan: Clear
Gruul's Lair: Clear
Magtheridon's Lair: Clear
Zul'Aman: Clear with 3/4 chestrun, so no bear.
Serpentshrine Caverns: 5/6
Tempest Keep: 3/4 Gave up on Kael'thas after Attunement nerf for Black Temple & Mount Hyjal.
Mount Hyjal: 4/5
Black Temple: About 5 bosses.
Sunwell: Not entered.
Note: I was a Warlock in TBC, I rolled rogue about 2 months before WotLK came out.

-WotLK: -Naxxramas10/25: Clear.
-Obsidian Sanctum10/25: Clear with S3D 25 preUlduar.
-Eye of Eternity10/25: Clear.
-VoA25: Clear.
Right before Ulduar came out I rolled Shaman, because Rogues were a bit under the DPS and I didn't feel like getting declines everywhere just because none needed rogues, every guild was dry on Shamans.
-Ulduar10/25: Clear with all hardmodes including Algalon, excluding Alone in the Darkness, I missed out on the kill, though I did make the 3weeks wipe progression. This all is pre-ToC.
-ToGC10/25: Clear
Took a little break for school here, but after about 2 months I got bored, didn't need the break to get studytime for school, school was just getting me bored, so I came back as Rogue.
-ICC10: Cleared on both my Rogue and Paladin, with all hardmodes excluding Lich King ofcourse.
-ICC25: Clear with a couple of hards.

Q: Were/are you part of any other guild? If yes, why did you leave/want to leave those?
A: I'm currently being trialled in Kink on the Bronze Dragonflight realm. Why do I want to leave, pretty simple, the realm is 20% horde, it stinks. The guild itself is one chaos, teamspeak is never clear, it's always one massive QQfest, everyone talks ahead, and the GM itself his words are 50% fuck/shit than anything else. Furthermore I don't like their way of communicating, like once on Lady Deathwhisper, I got assigned to Kick frostbolts with an other rogue, I got Mind Controlled so I informed the raid on Teamspeak, Gm's reaction on my speaking was: BLOODGLAIVE YOU FCKIN PRICK SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN I'M TALKING, DUE TO THIS YOU'RE CLOSE TO GETTIN FCKIN KICKED FROM THIS GUILD. I was pretty shocked that this happened, since I was only trying to do good... I never speak on TS/Vent unless it's nessesary, and I got blamed for this...

Q: Do you have any WWS, WoWMeterOnline or any other combat log parser link about your performances? You can leave this blank but it is a big plus if linked.

Q: In which areas do you feel you can improve yourself when it comes to raiding? We're not talking about gear here, but about you as a player.
A: Hmm, hard question, I have no idea really, I think someone else has to answer this for me since I have no clue what I could possibly do better, perhaps more dps or something?

About you and your view of WoW

Q: Do you want to spend some words explaining some of your gear/gem/enchanting choices? You can leave this blank if you feel you have nothing to explain.
A: Sure I want to. I currently gem for ArP/Hit as you can see, the reason why is because I'm losing hitrating due to replacing my last belt and ring, and I want to remain poison hitcap. The ArP is pretty simple, as soon as I get my gear from ICC10HM (Leggings/Shoulders/Gun) I'll be close to ArP cap, though I need a guild that runs it, since Kink's only interest atm is running their "elite" group trought ICC10 for achievements, not gear that might be BiS for Rogues and Ferals. Enchants furthermore, is pretty basic, Attack Power all the way and ofcourse Engineering enchant on gloves.

Q: What's your opinion on learning/progress raids?
A: That's the most fun part of raiding in my opinion, finding out the best method on how to overcome an encounter, the teamwork and dedication it requires sometimes is fantastic! I don't mind wiping loads of times on an encounter to see the boss finally go down, as this will be the case on Lich King for sure! Just as it was for Yogg-Saron +0.

Q: What's your opinion on farm raids during non-progress periods?
A: I don't mind farmraids, they used to be progress raids once, and they're just as fun to do as they were before they turned into farm raids!

Q: What's your opinion on (raid related) achievements?
A: I like raid achievements, it makes the encounter slightly more interesting, and most of the times there is a good reward bound to a set of achievements.
Furthermore Progression these days is partly messured by achievements earned aswel, so it's important to get higher world ranking!

Q: What's your opinion on the current raid content?
A: I like ICC, it's better than all the crap WotLK offered us so far, you might agree, maybe not, but Naxxramas was nothing more than a joke, and so was ToC, Ulduar was, next to ICC, the only real raid I had in WotLK.

About you, the present, and the future in WoW

Q: Do you have anything that could influence negatively your playtime?
A: Exams, but during exams I still raid.

Q: What are your short term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: To see as much content possible, make progress with the guild and down LK25 Hard!

Q: What are your long term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: I guess you mean in Cataclysm with long-term? I wish to race for realm first 85 Rogue, and improve myself even more than I am now.

Q: Where do you see yourself in WoW six months from now? And where one year from now?
A: I see myself as level 85, in a good guild, progression in the raids that they bring us, racing for world first kills and gathering new achievements.

And, for last

Q: Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know? You can leave this blank.
A: Yes, as you'll notice, my rogue his gear is full t10, this is not intended, I had nothing better at that moment and I got some drops from VoA25 so I replaced the old ones. My goal is to keep Chest and Headpiece of Tier10 and replace the rest with ArP gear.

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