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 An application: X-Realm DPS Warrior 
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Post An application: X-Realm DPS Warrior
Character Information

Character Name: Battousaii
Current Realm:Frostmane

Class: Warrior
Race: Orc

Armory or other profiler Link: ... Battousaii

Professions: JC / BS
Talent Spec: Fury PvE
Secondary Talent Spec of choice for Dual Spec: Arms PvP

Note - I can spec Arms PvE or modify my specs around to fit the needs of the guild.
I used to be a decent PvPer but it's not my priority.

Personal Information

Age: 21
Nationality: I'm from Israel.

Location: Tel-Aviv
Time Zone: Jerusalem (+2)

Playschedule availability: I can muster up to 12 hours a day usually, I got my psychology classes at mondays and wednesdays (mondays till 17:00 server time, wednesdays till 20:00 server time)

Should my application be accepted, please contact me this way: I prefer to check the application in here, if need be you can contact me in my email - [email protected]

Question & Answer

About your application

Q: Why did you apply to Imbalanced?
A: I'm looking for top of the notch raiding, this means mainly progress raids since farm raids aren't too exciting.
I've always been in good company, whenever I felt I could do better I went on to finding a better guild, point is - I'm going for the top and Imbalanced are at the top.

Q: What do you expect from Imbalanced?
A: My expectations are varied -
I expect good company and good time, I enjoy raiding and don't treat it like it's a burden, I love playing WoW and Intend to keep loving it still.
I also expect to get criticized whenever I should, this means of course that I should be able to express my own thoughts as well, even if I'm a trialist.
Also, I enjoy some PvP outside raid time, I have my expectations (which are not that big of a deal) to find some decent PvP partners.
And last, but by no means least, I expect to continue through every content that will be put out there, mainly - to finish Arthas HM and of course Catacalysm.

Q: Why Imbalanced should take you as member?
A: Truthfully? I'm not used to be put in a disadvantage gear-wise, but right now I am.
I've stopped playing for 3 months due to a research I had to do in my college (not to worry, only one in the whole degree meaning I won't be busy again - EVER!)
My strengths are my personallity and my skills, I consider myself a fun guy who can contribute to the spirits of the guild.
Also I consider myself a thinker (and not just a robo-player who does what he's told according to tactics) - this means I can think for myself when it's called, and even for others when they need my assistance.
I can bring up ideas for tactics, I can see problems before they occur and I can, also, follow tactics according to my class and task.
My other strength, skill, can be shown during raids in the dmg meters mainly, but also in avoiding whatever needs be avoided (GREEN CLOUDS FFS!).
I never make the same mistake twice, and more often than not - I never make BIG mistakes (even if I'm new to the tactic or boss).

Q: Do you know anyone in Imbalanced able to guarantee and backup your application? If yes, who?
A: No.

Q: Did you read and did you understand our Application FAQ? If the answer is "No", you want to do it now and then write "Yes".
Please actually do read the FAQ, we don't react well when we're asked questions already answered there about 20 minutes after you submit your application.

A: Of course, I even did it before I started to type this application down, HA!!

Q: Where did you see our recruitment post bringing you to submit this application?
A: Silly enough, I haven't.
I went to my old guild's website to see if they might need me back again and noticed they went from being a successful guild on Frostmane to a 10men guild.
Since I'm interested in 25men HM raiding, or in other words - the best raiding and hardest raiding there is - I came to you.
In my old guild's forums someone linked an application made to you and then I noticed you need a DPS warrior, so here I am.

About you and your raiding experience and expertise

Q: What's your experience in PvE and high-end Raiding in World of Warcraft?
A: In the beggining there was vanilla, but even before that - I was in the first korean beta (though I'm not korean) of WoW, as in I play for almost 6 years now (maybe more?)
In vanilla I was new to the game like the rest of us, and I was also new to MMO's, I didn't even know how big raiding would be but I got into the best guild on my realm the moment I hit 60.
In that guild I experienced the fun of raids, Onyxia/ZG/MC/BWL/AQ 20&40 and a bit of Naxx too.
Sadly, that guild died due to the leader quitting, so I transfered realm to find new glories, I then found myself in the realm's best (and back then one of EU's top 20's) "Windwalkers"
In Windwalkers I cleared AQ completely and Naxx as well (personally I had KT on 1% but then the guild started crumbling).

When BC came I had enough of PvE and so I moved to PvPing on many different classes, I had minor experience with ZA and Karazhan, nothing big.

When WotLK hit the stores I decided I'll get back to raiding since I missed feeling the tension of progress and since PvP seemed to be on a downslide.
I joined a not-too serious guild and cleared all they put infront of me until the colosseum, which kinda killed my guild.
That guild had a very good 10men group which succeeded in clearing the colosseum HM 10men and also glory of the ulduar raider in 10men, but failed on 25men.
I then decided it's time to set sail and move to the horde faction, I joined one of the top 3 guilds on Frostmane right away ("Our Sick Story") and went on to clear insanity 10men and 4/5 colosseum HMs.
In "Our Sick Story" I also had my Algalon kills (and current title) and genrally Ulduar 25 HM's (only lacking 3 knocks to get my drake in 25men).

Q: Were/are you part of any other guild? If yes, why did you leave/want to leave those?
A: My last guild, as mentioned above, was "Our Sick Story" - they were utterly kind to me and I felt right at home there.
Sadly, I got surprised (yes, surprised since I thought I had 1 more year before that) and had to do a research study for my psychology M.A in college.
I thought of going back to them, but as I said they decided to take a break from serious raiding and turned into a 10men guild.

Q: Do you have any WWS, WoWMeterOnline or any other combat log parser link about your performances? You can leave this blank but it is a big plus if linked.
A: Since my account has been inactive for quite long, and since I haven't played for 3 months, I don't have any, I'll ask some friends in my old guild to see if they kept some of them.

Q: In which areas do you feel you can improve yourself when it comes to raiding? We're not talking about gear here, but about you as a player.
A: I can improved myself in being a bit less arrogant, seriously, sometimes I get bored of the raid and the failings of others and start having fun (which then makes me die due to silly things)
This only happened in farm raids though, when it comes to progress raids I'm a dedicated player (maybe eveb the most dedicated player I've seen).

About you and your view of WoW

Q: Do you want to spend some words explaining some of your gear/gem/enchanting choices? You can leave this blank if you feel you have nothing to explain.
A: I don't believe there's much to explain, I'm always checking up on theorycrafting and doing my own tests afterwards to confirm what I find.
This goes for everything - gear, gems, enchanting and rotations.
When I quit the game 3 months ago ArP was still topping the dmg meters, balancing it was the important factor and I think that right now it's not such a big deal due to the ArP gear that I see on many characters.
I'll have to resocket according to gear and theroycraft (I'm currently not up to date since I haven't activated my account just yet - but I will re-check every piece of gear, gem and enchant on me to make sure it fits perfectly).

Q: What's your opinion on learning/progress raids?
A: Learning is my goal in life and in WoW, progress raids were always the best experience I had in the game.
The tension and the feeling that you're close to obtaining something (not items!) that others don't have yet is the fun for me.
I love finding the secrets to encounters and I enjoy having them as hard as possible, I never liked nerfs to encounters (even if I didn't take them down yet)
The harder the better, and the more progress the better.
Sadly I took a break right before ICC came out (It surprised me since I was sure I'll manage to finish my research before it will come out).

Q: What's your opinion on farm raids during non-progress periods?
A: Farm raids are fun for the loot and for the practice.
When I say practice I don't mean having to do the same thing over and over again, I mean trying to learn how to improve your performance in this encounter and others like it.
I admit, it's not as fun but it has it's value.

Q: What's your opinion on (raid related) achievements?
A: Fun!
Especially the hard ones.
Achievments are like medals, and I love medals.
Can't say it's the most important thing for me - it's always seconed to progress - but it's fun nonetheless.

Q: What's your opinion on the current raid content?
A: Didn't have my go with it yet, but considering some of the hardships people had with it (Ensidia didn't get world first for example) I'd say it should be good.
I found the normal modes in all the content up till ICC very boring and annoyingly so, some of the HMs could've been better too, but Ulduar had it's fun points and so did the colosseum in my opinion.

About you, the present, and the future in WoW

Q: Do you have anything that could influence negatively your playtime?
A: Except wednesdays which I'll be late to the raid, nothing should stop me from playing
I don't work currently and don't intend to.

Q: What are your short term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: That would be to clear ICC ASAP and to continue working on my skills.
I might have gotten rusty in those 3 months but I'll get back on my feet quickly - that's a promise.

Q: What are your long term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: Catacalysm progress, world chart numbers are fun for the glory of it.
I wish to see the whole game, PvE mainly, and I wish to find it worthy of my time as it usually is (but not always).

Q: Where do you see yourself in WoW six months from now? And where one year from now?
A: Six months - sitting on a mountain of skulls all written "Was Arthas" on them.
A year - assuming Catacalysm will be out and about, in the midst of progressing in some hard raid, REALLY hard raid.

And, for last

Q: Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know? You can leave this blank.
A: I didn't write this down earlier since I haven't found the right place for it -

First of all, hardware:
I got 4 computers, 1 of which is a laptop.
This means wherever I go and whatever happens I'm availble to play.
My main computer can hold any game I installed on it (Crysis / COD4 / Fallout and whatnot) - it has 4 GB ram and Gforce 9500 (not the best, but it carried WoW perfectly).
My laptop is decent as well, it carried WoW well enough without crashing even a single time.
My other 2 computers are being used by my brother and my girlfriend, but both can be kidnapped for the sake of a raid at any moment without a delay.

Another pointer: English, this might be a given - but my english level is high (I read books in English, write poems and short stories, and speak fluintly as well as comprehend). I got a microphone and whatnot so it won't be a problem to communicate.

As for some personal info:
I'm a dedicated player and a fun loving guy.
This means I avoid drama at all costs, I had enough drama in RL and I feel no need to experience it during my game time - gaming is fun, drama is for the theater.

I consider fun anything that can make me better both in life and in WoW, the harder the better! This includes getting criticized - at any point.
I checked out your sole DPS warrior and he seemed like a guy who can teach me a thing or two. And who knows, maybe I can return the favor.

I played varied characters in the 6 years I'm playing WoW:
Twice a mage (1 was the main during vanilla and 1 for PVP at 70)
Twice a warrior (1 was alt char during vanilla for PvP and 1 right now both PvE and PvP)
A warlock and a rogue (both for PvP at lvl 70)
And a shaman mainly for PvE uldaur progress (was my brother's character).

Besdies these, I sat down to watch 2 of my best friends playing their characters.
They played healers and tanks, which I haven't, and some characters I haven't touched (like hunters) which gave me a watcher experience (it ain't much but it gave me some pointers).

All this experience led me to see the game from different points of view, it allows me to consider both casters and melee whenever needed (in creating tactics or in critizing both tactics and players)
I was interested in theorycrafting of all the classes I played and thus I know a lot about them (or at least about what they were :P)
I also consider myself a good talent planner, this might be nothing special right now but before the days everyone jumped to a forum to check how to spec, I was considered a genious at work :)

I love this game, I'm regretting the fact I quit for 3 months but it had to be done otherwise I'd pay for playing once a week and that wouldn't be fine with my credit card.
I got the time, the will, the money and the URGE to play this game again, and I'll dedicate myself completely at every moment outside college (actually, I got a laptop, so maybe even while I'm at college :P).

I know my gear is somewhat of a joke, I was unlucky in colosseum and as the new guy I didn't get much of the phat loot, but it never bothered me - I always stood at the top 5 dpser's (whenever melee could at least)
And I hope gear won't be the only reason I'm declined here, I can catch up quickly on both tactics and gear (by myself of course, I don't wish to be of any hinderance)
I will farm the 5mens and whatever needed to get any minor boost as I always did and always will do.
And of course, I'll craft if crafting will boost my gear.

I hope this wasn't too long, thank you very much for reading, and I sure hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Stav - A.K.A - Battousaii.

Tue Apr 20, 2010 08:07
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