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 Zync - Combat Rogue 
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Post Zync - Combat Rogue
Character Information

Character Name: Zync
Current Realm: EU Jaedenar

Class: Rogue
Race: Orc

Armory or other profiler Link: ... ar&cn=Zync

Professions: Jewelcrafting , Mining (working on farming all mats ,so I can replace it with engineering asap)
Talent Spec: Combat
Secondary Talent Spec of choice for Dual Spec: Assassination

Personal Information

Age: 32
Nationality: Bulgarian

Location: Sofia / Bulgaria
Time Zone: GMT (Server time +1 hour)

Playschedule availability: I'm able to attend all raids during the week and weekend from 18.00 until 01.00 . Sometimes on Sunday I go outside town to a holiday with my family , but when I'm planning to stay longer I always bring my laptop with me so it wont be a problem .

Should my application be accepted, please contact me this way:
In case my application is considered or accepted , please contact me on the forum with PM or in game . Also please feel free to contact me in game for any further info/questions/thoughts you'd like to discuss with me .

Question & Answer

About your application

Q: Why did you apply to Imbalanced?
A: I remember Imbalanced since vanilla when it was one of the best guilds on Neptulon . I had a low lvl alt , playing there time to time . All those years , until now you guys continue managing to be one of the top guilds on the server and keeping really good progress during every new pve content .
I've transferred recently to EU Jaedenar from EU Sunstrider due to couple of reasons I will mention later on in my application and for me there was no doubt where I will make my first application and hope for the best .

Q: What do you expect from Imbalanced?
A: First of all I expect to meet a team of experienced old school players , guild and raiders always willing to conquer every new content and challenge . I expect to find a friendly society of adults , which know how to play well their own classes and how to relax and have fun outside raids in all other aspects of the game.

Q: Why Imbalanced should take you as member?
A: I wont say here that I got amazing skills , nor that I never made any mistakes , because even best players make mistakes sometimes , but what makes one player really good is to realize hes own mistake , improve and try to not repeat it again.
I'm playing wow since vanilla and I have pretty good experience in the game and outside the game . When it comes to a serious raiding I'm always trying to improve my performance and squeeze out the best of my character , on the other hand I'm a person with pretty good sense of humor , you can always enjoy slacking and having fun with .

Q: Do you know anyone in Imbalanced able to guarantee and backup your application? If yes, who?
A: No , unfortunately I don't know anyone from Imbalanced at the moment .

Q: Did you read and did you understand our Application FAQ? If the answer is "No", you want to do it now and then write "Yes".
Please actually do read the FAQ, we don't react well when we're asked questions already answered there about 20 minutes after you submit your application.

A: Yes , I've read it very well and I do understand it .

Q: Where did you see our recruitment post bringing you to submit this application?
A: As I stated above, I considering transferring my rogue here for a while and after I did it , Imbalanced is the first and the only guild I'm making application to .
When I checked your site , I saw that you're recruiting a rogue , so I've decided to take my chance .

About you and your raiding experience and expertise

Q: What's your experience in PvE and high-end Raiding in World of Warcraft?
A: I started WoW back in Vanilla when I made my first character a Warrior called Sike on US Vek'Nilash . Later on I made my resto shamy "Thoramon" on the eu servers and raided with him nearly 4 years as a member and officer in the best guild on Dunemaul - "Iron Edge". During that time I've cleared the all pve content until middle Ulduar and I've got realm first Immortal ( think it was 30th in EU), Realm First Magic Seeker , Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas . Here are some vanilla screen shots of my shaman during SW , at that time I was using 16inch monitor it was horrible @ standart blizz UI aswell ;D
SW- Twins :
SW - KJ :

Near the end of Ulduar and during ToC I've played my DK "Taylla" ,( I have realm first Algalon 25 / "Celestial Defender" on her armory link -> ... &cn=Taylla
At the end of ToC I took few months brake from wow , due my work shifts and some real life issues I had to fix so I can continue play this game without interfering too much my life style . Before around 3 months I've made and started to play with my rogue "Navixo" on EU Sunstrider ... 212526.jpg
together with few Bulgarian players .There I've played in guild called "Lemniscate" . Due to few different reasons I coudnt focus on 25 man raiding as I wish , so my only option was to focus more on 10 man ICC.With my ICC10 man group I've killed the LK and did 5 bosses on hard mode . Last few weeks those players I started to play together on Sunstrider quited ..ect and my triess to find a better guild for my rogue on the server failed , since the top guilds were full and heavy on melee and the rest guilds /progress was really slow .At that point I was really disappointed and I was facing a dilema to quit or to transfer my rogue . I know Flare and Imbalanced as old school guilds since vanilla and I know there are some Bulgarians playing here on Jaedenar as well ,so after few days I made my decision to transfer here .

Q: Were/are you part of any other guild? If yes, why did you leave/want to leave those?
A: As I mentioned above in my post for the 5 years of playing I was part of 2 guilds . IE - where I raided with my shaman nearly 4 years and I stop playing there , because I start dislike the server (Dunemaul) as most ppl playing on it ( a slowly dying server 85% populated of 1 nation) and Lemniscate on Sunstrider , where I was for abit more then a month , left due to my wish of progress , which I coudnt get on that realm unfortunately .

Q: Do you have any WWS, WoWMeterOnline or any other combat log parser link about your performances? You can leave this blank but it is a big plus if linked.
A: the guild on Sunstrider - Lemniscate changed website , and recently before I transferred I was doing mostly ICC10 /hm so I'm afraid I cant show you any .

Q: In which areas do you feel you can improve yourself when it comes to raiding? We're not talking about gear here, but about you as a player.
A: I think what makes one player above average level is hes play style , hes special awareness and hes performance overall . In this order of thoughts , I know that I might not be the best skilled rogue , but I consider my mistakes , try to improve my special awareness , because very often the dps isnt the only key to certain encounter , its the special awareness and fast reactions .

About you and your view of WoW

Q: Do you want to spend some words explaining some of your gear/gem/enchanting choices? You can leave this blank if you feel you have nothing to explain.
A: With few words - After being Hit and Exp capped there are 2 ways of playing combat rogue , 1th - using only AP/Ap+Haste geming and 2nd Geming ArP aiming for the ArP hardcap - 1400arp , which is doable by reaching the soft cap + using ArP trinket (NeS for example) or in best case with full ArP Gemed + DBW reaching hard cap of 1400 . With my current gear I have soft cap ArP and I'm using NeS ( ArP trinket) which allows me on proc to reach the hard ArP cap . With 3.3 hitting and the rupture change ( rupture ticks can be a critical stikes ) things might slightly change but it will take some time for testing first .
I also consider going Multi in the nearest future , but because of my current gear combat is more suitable for me atm .

Q: What's your opinion on learning/progress raids?
A: I'd like to progress in all new and not that new pve encounters and if there is anything new I dont know and I never tried , then I'm more then happy to learn .

Q: What's your opinion on farm raids during non-progress periods?
A: I personally dont mind farming raids during non-progress periods , they can have 2 sides imo - really boring or really funny with alot of laugh , it depend alot of the guild , players condition / mood and few other factors .I think raids during non-progress periods still keep the players shape up and helps the community overall .

Q: What's your opinion on (raid related) achievements?
A: I dont think I've missed many of them until now in ICC ( even tho I have them on few different chars , not on my rogue) . I personally like the raid related achievements , even tho some of them might be pain in the a... excuse me :P

Q: What's your opinion on the current raid content?
A: So far I've done , so to say , only the easiest hard modes in ICC and imo Blizz could put abit more effort to make them little abit more interesting and harder , but I might consider this few lines when I reach LK hm . Anyway for myself and the time I'm playing wow best raid content and may be the pve content I got best memories about was Sunwell ( Muruu and KJ , I cannot forget those 2 )

About you, the present, and the future in WoW

Q: Do you have anything that could influence negatively your playtime?
A: For the next few months atleast I dony think so , for further future I cant predict really .At my age , I have familie and I need to plan my real life things better , to sort out my free time better so I can have enough time for raiding , but so far so good , will see in future .

Q: What are your short term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: To conquer the rest of hard modes left , to find new friends on this realm , good guild I can progress with . To have abit of luck here and there ;D

Q: What are your long term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: To continue playing the game with the same will and pleasure and hopefully to face some of the new challenges Cataclysm will bring .

Q: Where do you see yourself in WoW six months from now? And where one year from now?
A: Hopefully still playing wow , hopefully in Imbalanced and hopefully keeping the same spirit and addition as now .

And, for last

Q: Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know? You can leave this blank.
A: I've tried to put enough effort in my post by adding few screen shots , making it more detailed and hopefully not missing any important info .
I'd like to thank you for the time you spend reading my application and regardless of your decision to wish you best of luck in your future gaming adventures .

Tue Mar 23, 2010 19:23
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