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 Balance Druid 
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Post Balance Druid
Character Information

Character Name: Phoenixash
Current Realm: Jaedenar

Class: Druid
Race: Tauren

Armory or other profiler Link:

[link] ... Phoenixash [/link]

Professions: Enchanting / Leatherworking
Talent Spec: Balance
Secondary Talent Spec of choice for Dual Spec: Feral Tank

Personal Information

Age: 25
Nationality: Croatian

Location: Croatia
Time Zone: GMT+1

Playschedule availability: I play every day all day and can raid even at 3am.

Should my application be accepted, please contact me this way: In-game mail or msg on this forum.

Question & Answer

About your application

Q: Why did you apply to Imbalanced?
A: Imbalanced is one of the world top guilds that is threaded with maturity and consistence. I'm am applying cause I think I have the qualities of skill,maturity and a good learning curve for the new encounters.

Q: What do you expect from Imbalanced?
A: I expect maturity and yet laid back and fun experience. I expect tolerance and mutual cooperation and helpful advices. I expect people to trust each other and have high expectations from one another but even if those expectations are not fully satisfied I expect for guild mates to understand that we are all simply humans and humans have tendencies to not be without flaws.

Q: Why Imbalanced should take you as member?
A: Because I will be on time for every raid - full prepared game wise and RL wise, with both flasks and food in game and in front of my PC. Because I will demonstrate skill, readiness and quickness in reaction time. Because I have 2 stable separate land line internet connections and do not experience random DCs and lags.

Q: Do you know anyone in Imbalanced able to guarantee and backup your application? If yes, who?
A: Unfortunately I do not, and any pug I have every made or participated in only 1 time there was an actual Imbalanced member in it. Unfortunately I do not remember who it was.

Q: Did you read and did you understand our Application FAQ? If the answer is "No", you want to do it now and then write "Yes".
Please actually do read the FAQ, we don't react well when we're asked questions already answered there about 20 minutes after you submit your application.

A: I have read thoroughly entire FAQ and I do agree with them and fully understand them.

Q: Where did you see our recruitment post bringing you to submit this application?
A: Every now and then I check your progress and forum to see if there's an opening for balance druid.

About you and your raiding experience and expertise

Q: What's your experience in PvE and high-end Raiding in World of Warcraft?
A: I started playing in TBC and did Kara ZA and SSC / TK / BT but never did any SWP at lvl 70. In WOTLK I did everything from Naxx to ICC25 normals inc many tries at LK normal. My experience inside ICC is mostly split between some of my other charr I have been guildless better part of a ICC patch.

Q: Were/are you part of any other guild? If yes, why did you leave/want to leave those?
A: I have been part of some very small mostly 10man guilds or casual 25man guilds. I do want to raid hardcore and constantly so I did decided to finally make my apply to Imbalanced.

Q: Do you have any WWS, WoWMeterOnline or any other combat log parser link about your performances? You can leave this blank but it is a big plus if linked.
A: Unfortunately I do not, but as far as DPS goes I do not fail at game mechanics and have proper reaction time and proper addons and my DPS on any encounter is between 7-8k dps, my gear is not on a lvl for very high DPS yet but I'm trying to gather it fast.

Q: In which areas do you feel you can improve yourself when it comes to raiding? We're not talking about gear here, but about you as a player.
A: I'm constantly checking for new add-ons & new updates for add-ons I do have and different add-ons to help me improve my game play. I'm a regular reader of forum to check for any updates about rotation / spec / BiS items, I regularly watch videos on youtube and for new strategies of new encounters and content. I am trying my best to learn and strategies about new encounters fast. I do try to contribute to the new tactics by politely voicing my opinion if it's required.

About you and your view of WoW

Q: Do you want to spend some words explaining some of your gear/gem/enchanting choices? You can leave this blank if you feel you have nothing to explain.
A: I think it is pretty standard. I'm of course Hit caped and soft haste caped, I could use more crit. My gems are all epics and I do have all the best enchants. But if you think I did something wrong in my enchants/gemming please to point it out even if you do not accept me as trial, I do want to be best that I can in this game and will value any advice that you can give me if you wish.

Q: What's your opinion on learning/progress raids?
A: I am not afraid of any new content and boldly tackle any wipes that new content has to offer to me. I am a fast learner and you do not have to tell me twice to fix my mistake, and after all we are all humans and part of a appeal of this game is progressing and facing hard content, because at the end of the day the harder the encounter is; overcoming it makes the victory all the much sweeter.
Q: What's your opinion on farm raids during non-progress periods?
A: I do welcome any farm raids to improve mine and guild mates gear even when I do not wish for any gear in that content (Uld25 mace farming for healers), because for future progression it is vital to have all the best gear or best as possible on every member of the raid, to even out the chances for fast progress and to have more fun in feeling like the best and that we gave it our best.

Q: What's your opinion on (raid related) achievements?
A: Although blizzard designed achievement system mostly to shackle you in front of the PC obsessing about achievement points, it is still a good pointer of skill and experience (presuming you do not fake it :D). As far as PvE achievement goes inside raids it's just an additional crème de la crème of skill and part of a progression and end game content.

Q: What's your opinion on the current raid content?
A: Although Blizzard is promising harder content that salutes the original WoW and BC raiding where mostly PuGs where a non existent evil, they are still nerfing content way too soon, but after all with over 13 milion subscribers Blizzard is a corporation and part of show business where show takes place inside virtual game that is addictive beyond sane mind; money is a main stirrer. Point is you gotta make 99% ppl happy that play this game for pure pass time. But all in all in the new expansion they are somehwta promising major changes yet agin and maybe just maybe with those changes PuGs yet again will disappear.

About you, the present, and the future in WoW

Q: Do you have anything that could influence negatively your playtime?
A: I do not. As I probably stated at beginning of this application I can even raid at 3am and any time you require me to show up, I will give you my Windows Live messenger and you can contact me even if you need me out of raid times and I'm not online.

Q: What are your short term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: At this present moment I am hoping to get accepted into Imbalanced, I've been waiting for a long time for a Balance Druid spot to open. Short term of course I will be raiding and playing wow all day every day.

Q: What are your long term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A: Long term I will still be playing World of Warcraft game I do not see this oppression ending any time soon or any time long. I am definitely seeing myself flying in my raven form over the cities of Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff and gazing at the new formed kazam splitting dreadful Barrens plains.

Q: Where do you see yourself in WoW six months from now? And where one year from now?
A: Playing World of Warcraft and expiriencing end game content in Cataclysm.

And, for last

Q: Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know? You can leave this blank.
A: I think I did pretty good job at filling out this application and voicing my opinions and wishes and hopes. At the very end I thank you for your patience and I'm am grateful for your time spent into reading this application and I do hope you will accept me as a trial so I can make true all these words I wrote here.

Sun Mar 07, 2010 09:37
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